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1. What type of hair can we use Verenize treatments on? All types of hair: natural, dyed, bleached. Results will vary based on the technique chosen. 

2. Will hair become mistreated after using the Brazilian Keratin Treatment? No, since our product is a treatment; that is to say, it nourishes the hair, giving it a smooth, shiny and frizz-free appearance (depending on the chosen technique). We recommend carrying out a good hair diagnosis to choose the appropriate temperature and not damage the hair in the heat sealing process.

3. Is your product a permanent straightener? No. We are a moisturizing and reconstructing treatment with a Natural Smooth effect promoted by a heat-sealing process, which can increase with each application, thus becoming a progressive smoothing.

4. Do your products contain formaldehyde? No, our Brazilian Keratin Treatment contains Formalin.

5. Is Formalin the same as formaldehyde? ​​No, it's not the same. Formalin is a derivative of formaldehyde used in our laboratories, not harmful to human health and approved by the FDA in the U.S.


6. Why use Formalin in your treatment? Because this ingredient helps us preserve and prolong the duration of our treatments.

7. How long do Verenize Keratin treatments last? The duration of each treatment depends on the chosen application technique and maintenance at home:

● Brazilian Keratin: 4 months.

● Progressive Straightening: 6 months.

● Keratin Express: 2 months.

● Hair Botox: 2 months.

● Curls Hydration: 1 month.

● Hair Spa: 1 month.

● S.O.S. Repair: 1 month.

8. What type of shampoo should be used after using a Verenize Treatment? It is recommended to use the Verenize Shampoo and Conditioner maintenance kit for daily use, as it is specifically formulated for post-treatment care.

9. What happens if my client does not take the at- home maintenance kit? We cannot guarantee the duration and effectiveness of any of our treatments.

10. Can the treatment be applied to hair recently treated with another keratin or relaxing chemical process? If it's posible. It is recommended to wait 7 days to apply any of our Verenize services; With the proper hair diagnosis, we will be able to find the appropriate treatment according to the type of hair, need or level of damage in which it is found.

NOTE: In the case of laminating or formaldehyde processes, it is recommended to wash 3-4 times and increase the exposure time of the Purifying Shampoo to 10 minutes. Strand test for accuracy.


11. Can we perform the Brazilian Keratin treatment on the same day as dying or bleaching hair? It is not recommended, since the color could be altered by heat sealing. It is suggested to wait 7 days after coloring or bleaching the hair.

12. What services are recommended when bleaching or coloring hair? The services we suggest are: Hair Spa or Hair Botox. NOTE: When washing, it is recommended to replace the Purifying Shampoo with our Maintenance Shampoo.

13. Can hair be dyed or bleached after applying a Verenize treatment? Yes. There is no contraindication or shock reaction. However, these processes would alter the result and duration of our treatments, for this reason we suggest doing color or bleaching before.

14. Can Verenize treatments be applied to pregnant or lactating women? It is recommended not to perform any service that contains our Brazilian Keratin treatment; This is because we have an approval through the FDA. However, other services may be offered for pregnant and lactating women: Spa with Magic Nourishing Mask.  Unifying treatment of VUILDER links from VEREPLEX. As well as our entire range of maintenance and use at home.


15. Can Verenize treatments be applied to minors? The suggested age for application is 15 years and older.


16. Can an infant be present during the application of a Verenize treatment? No, since there is exposure to chemicals and the smell can be strong and irritating to them.

17. How long should I wait to wash my hair after applying a Verenize treatment? Post application time will depend on the chosen technique:

  • Brazilian Keratin: 72 hours.

  • Progressive Straightening: Same day.

  • Keratin Express: Same day.

  • Hair Botox: 48 hours.

  • Curls Hydration: Same day.

  • Hair Spa: 48 hours. 

18. By applying a technique that modifies the structure of the hair to straight, will I be able to style it in waves or curls? Yes, there is no a problem. You will be able to style it to your liking, since our services offer a natural smooth that can be temporarily modified with thermal tools. 


19. Can Brazilian Keratin be applied to over processed hair? Over-processed hair does not have the strength and resistance to withstand an aggressive heat-sealing process, which is why we have other techniques that you can apply, such as: Hair Filler or use Vereplex Pro.

20. At what temperature should I seal the Brazilian Keratin treatment? The temperature and the number of times that we will pass the iron will depend entirely on the chosen technique and the hair diagnosis; that is, hair type and level of damage.

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